Briefly. Made of black iron thickness 1,2 mm, welded in an inert atmosphere, equipped with silicone gasket to resist up to 200 Pa...and there’s more !The DESIGNPELLET system undergoes a laborious painting process to maintain their aesthetic characteristics: it is treated with liquid paint resistant up to 600° C and then annealed to avoid harmful exhalations at the first ignition of the generator which is enslaved. Available in nominal sizes 80 mm, 100 mm. and 120 mm., the DESIGN PELLET system is now the most widely used method for smoke evacuation of pellet stoves.

Using. Evacuation of combustion products, usually subservient to pellet generators or similar biofuels, the DESIGN PELLET system is liquid painted with high temperature heat resistance (up to 600° C). The range consists of several items, made with a special machine welding robot operates on six axles: couplings, “T”, telescopic or elliptical hole cover are just part of an extensive catalog where you can find all the elements necessary for every need installation.

Temperatures other than 200 ° C? No problem, just replace the gasket supplied with the most powerful seal made in VITON, green in color, certified for flue gas temperature up to 250 ° C

Installation. Female junction and smooth male coupling, compatible with all De Marinis systems, DESIGN PELLET system is installed by simply following the instructions placed on each product label (smoke direction) without the aid of mechanical clamping or workshop tools (hammer, screwdriver etc.) which inevitably adversely affect the timing of installation. Thanks to the wide range available can meet the multiple needs of the site, collimating perfectly with every reality installation. Remember to always follow strictly the instructions given in this technical catalog and, anyway, the information in the field of technical regulations.

For any further clarification please see the following data sheet, or contact the customer service center at our offices.

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