Briefly. Ideal for the composition of flue systems in buildings where there is no suitable technical shaft, the system BI-INOX arises from the need to create adequate conditions to allow correct structural evacuation of the fumes resulting from traditional generators, condensing or working with solid fuel.

Using. Evacuation of combustion products combined with solid fuel generators, liquid and gaseous, transport of clean air or air-conditioned: on request BI-INOX, system is achievable with diameters different than following proposed, for all installation requirements.

Installation. Classic junction “male-female”: both wall of the system have the same morphology (female coupling facing the top of evacuation) because it requires the installation in technical shaft or “concealed” into the concrete, directly into the wall.
Thanks to the meticulous attention and care in the calibrations male and female is guaranteed a perfect seal in coupling with the possibility of rotation of the product to
360 °, avoiding alignment problems typical of conical systems, screw and combined.
Combining the system with generators that produce wet smoke or cooking vapors shall be installed in the female seat the gasket, certified and guaranteed according to the European standard EN 14241-1, without having to use “application on site” of silicone caulk and expensive capillary pasta. For a perfect seal and mechanical traction is recommended to use of the special locking clamp, available in two different versions for practical and aesthetic needs.

For any further clarification, please see the following data sheet, or contact the customer service center at our offices.

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