Briefly. Mainly used as flue duct to split intake and exhaust fumes from type “C” forced draft boilers, the ALU system consists of multiple items for a full match of any installation requirement. Cast enameled white aluminum, certified as exhaust fumes for internal use in accordance with current industry regulations, the ALU system is compatible with all the evacuations systems proposed by us, for a perfect aesthetic combination in accordance with the standards of installation.

Using. Evacuation of the combustion products, gaseous waste products, transport of clean air, air-conditioned and, of course, air adduction: these are just some of the possible applications, in full compliance with European standards and the strict laws in force in Italy.
Attention: all the systems made with cast aluminum, painted any color they are, absolutely can NOT be subservient to the exhaust fumes from generators operating with biofuel (eg. pellet stoves), because
NOT able to pass the test of soot fire resistance, compulsorily provided for products intended for this purpose, according the European standards.

Installation. Female junction and smooth male coupling, compatible with all systems
De Marinis, ALU system is installed by simply following the instructions placed on each product label (smoke direction) not forgetting the restrictions normally above mentioned.
Combining the system with generators that produce wet smoke or shall be installed in the female seat the gasket, certified and guaranteed according to the European standard EN 14241-1, without having to use “application on site” of silicone caulk and expensive capillary pasta.

For any further clarification please see the following data sheet, or contact the customer service center at our offices.

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